Studio Thee | Tea hike
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Tea hike

Are u in?

Surround yourself with some positive energy: slow down-drink tea, walk in silence and connect with nature. During the silent tea walk you will discover te world of pure tea, brewed at the lake. We will spend 30-45 minutes in silence and finish the last tea with some reflections.

Drinking tea outside is a great experience: your taste and smell is more intense and the combination with nature gives inspiration and new energy. The silence makes you aware of your surrounding. The tea warms your spirit. All positive things happening folks!


Saturday April 6th from 10.00 – 11.00.


Engelgaarde – the lake
7943 Meppel


All on donation basis. Suggested minimum donation: 5 euro.

Spaces are limited so please reserve your space by messaging here on Instagram or you can use the website: