Studio Thee | Premium Bi Luo Chun – spring snail
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Premium Bi Luo Chun – spring snail

Yes, another review. Today I tried the premium Bi Luo Chun or spring snail from Grand tea (Hong Kong). I have heard a lot about the ‘scary frangrance’ this tea allegedly is so I am very excited to try this one!

The dry leaves are curly and fuzzy (like a snail indeed), green and furry white. The leaves feel very soft and delicate.

I use a small teapot to brew the tea: 125 ml water and 2 grams of tea at 70 degrees. The smell of the infusion is amazing and intens: very nutty and flowery. And yes, the strong frangrance makes me a bit scary for the taste. The colour of the infusion is also special: it’s more yellow than green.

Because of the strong smell I expected the taste would be very intens as well. But the tea tastes very smooth and delictate: it’s nutty (chestnut) and floral. It has a filming mouthfeel and a fresh flavour type.

According to the Grandtea grading chart I would grade the leaves as number 2: buds with tender young leaves. The buds and the leafs are about the same size. Very pretty!

I take an other sip to enjoy the start of the day.