Studio Thee | Nan Jing Yu Hua Cha – rainflower tea
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Nan Jing Yu Hua Cha – rainflower tea

Today I am reviewing the Nan Jing Yu Hua Cha – or rainflower tea from Nanjing (China) for Yat- Fung Yeung from Grandtea, Hong Kong. I can’t wait to smell and taste it! So let’s start.

The dry leaves are long, green like silver needles. The texture is a bit furry. I use a small teapot 125 ml and 2 grams of tea. The first brew will be 60 seconds. The second 50 and the third 60/70 seconds (a bit like gong fu cha). The infusion smells great: nutty, fresh vegtables and flowery.

After 60 seconds I pour the tea into the tea ocean. I take my first sip and it tastes like leak, endive, flowery and chestnut. It has a filming mouthfeel and fresh flavor type.

Tea leaf grading according to the Grandtea grading chart: after brewing the buds and leaves are proportionally and from the same size. I would grade them as number two.

I would like to try more of this tea and make some nice combinations with Chinese food.